The Global State of Democracy – Workshop des Afro-Asiatischen Instituts mit Birgit Bahtic-Kunrath, 4.11

As democratic institutions and values have become increasingly challenged, this workshop attends to the questions of why democracy is relevant, in which forms it can appear, and what makes it resilient. In doing so, we first discuss understandings of democracy, also in comparison to illiberal and authoritarian political Systems. We then explore through diverse examples how illiberal forces threaten democratic societies and how different societies deal with these threats. By combining short inputs and group assignments, this workshop offers information as well as a space for mutual exchange. Moreover, the participation of international participants allows for experiences with democracies in diverse national contexts to be contributing to the discussion.

Date: Friday, 4th November 2022, 2-6 pm

Venue: Afro-Asian Institute, Clubraum (ground floor)

Language: English

Speaker: Birgit Bahtic-Kunrath (ifz), political scientist with an interest in social rights, democratic systems, political participation, and integration

Target group: AAI One World Scholarship holders and interested public

Please register until: Friday, 28. October 2022 (Email to syntia.hasenoehrl(at)

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